About ABC

After Baby Comes (ABC) is a non-religion based community group of mothers that welcomes anyone with young children in Jefferson Township and its surrounding areas.

We meet from 9:30–11:30 Tuesday mornings from September to June. Our members enjoy weekly meetings that can include crafts, speakers and activities but are usually spent socializing and making friends.

Our children (excluding infants) play in our babysitting rooms. We separate the children by age. Generally the under-two set go in the "baby room" while the older kids enjoy age appropriate toys and games in the "big kid room." We have four trusted adult babysitters who have been with our group for many years. Your children are brought out to you for diaper changes.

You can enjoy as many or as few of the optional activities that we showcase. These include Adult crafts, children's crafts, Speakers, community projects, photo contests, holiday parties and Moms Nights Out.

Dues and Membership Policy
Anyone may attend two meetings on a trial basis. At that time you will be asked if you would like to join. If you decide to join you will pay a yearly nonrefundable membership fee of $30.00 and an additional $5.00 dues per meeting attended. If you choose you may pay $180.00 which includes your yearly nonrefundable membership fee and a discount on your dues for the year. Please see membership packet for details or changes.

 Join any time! Come visit twice to get to know us. If you decide to join you will be asked to pay $30.00 nonrefundable annual membership fee plus $5.00 weekly dues. Membership fee reduced to $20.00 after February.

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